I began my photography journey in undergrad. I purchased a Canon film camera and began taking pictures around campus. I asked for permission to take photos of the football games from the field and was given permission to do so. I have some pictures of the game, but many more of my cheerleader crush Royce.

Simultaneously with learning how to develop websites professsionally, I graduated to a digital camera and began exploring photography in earnest. From there my experience has grown tremendously!

I have continued to photograph sporting events, including football and soccer, served as an official photographer for a soccer supporters group, documented a season of a soccer team, and earned many paid opportunities for photographing dance and nightlife.

My current interest revolve around creating galleris with more purposeful statements and becoming a Leica official photographer. Also, after suffering years of "GAS" (gear acquisition syndrome, I am not healed and am a one camera, one lens, guy.

To the right is one of my few selfies and a very positive memory for me! Night shift rules!!!!!