Welcome to my website. I am Neverson Heatley, III of Harlem, New York, USA. I hold Juris Doctor and Ph.D. degrees and am a higher education profressional with a focus on research in higher education administration and policy. I am also a performing artist, published poet and photographer.

Along with photography, my hobbies include dancing and ice skating. I started ice skating as a teenager when I worked at Wollman Rink in Central Park during the winter vacation one year. I picked up photography in college as a way to roam the sidelines during football games. Currently, I am learning advance techniques in data analysis (yes, it's fun!) and strenghtening my skills on the violin. I also play Microsoft Flight Simulator at times.

This website serves as a quick introduction to me and a venue to share a small amount of my work and research. I thank you for visitng and invite you to reach out using the contact information below. You can also use the menu on the top right to navigate through the site.

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